boombox bingo Terms And Conditions

1.  By purchasing tickets and/or attending an event run by Sphinx Quizzes Ltd you agree to the following:

2.1. You must ensure:
  • That all personal details are correct when purchasing your tickets.
  • That you are purchasing tickets for the correct date, event and venue.
  • To comply with all venue regulations when attending the event.
2.2. The venue reserve the right to refuse admission or remove you from the premises if you:
  • Compromise the safety or yourself or others.
  • Are affecting the enjoyment of others.
  • Are affecting the running of the event. For example, if you are acting aggressively or appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Behave in an abusive manner towards either venue staff or staff of Sphinx Quizzes Ltd.

2.3. Staff of Sphinx Quizzes Ltd may also revoke your continued participation in this and future events if any of the conditions in 2.2 are broken.
2.4. By purchasing a ticket for any of our events, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.
2.5. Refunds and/or compensation will not be issued under any circumstances due to failure to comply with the above.

3.1. By purchasing tickets for and/or attending any of our events you agree that you are doing so as a customer and will not attempt to replicate or copy our    format, or any other intellectual property.
3.2. You also agree not to use or copy any of our artwork, photos or videos without explicit written permission from a Director of Sphinx Quizzes Ltd. Any    photos or film footage you record is for personal use only.

4.1. Sphinx Quizzes Ltd are not responsible for prizes once they have been handed over from us to you..
4.2. Under no circumstances will cash or the monetary value of any prize be offered in its place.
4.3. We accept no liability for prizes supplied by external parties. (For example; experience days.)

5.1. Sphinx Quizzes Ltd are not responsible for a customer’s inability to purchase tickets. Any issues with ticketing should be directed towards our ticketing    partner, Eventbrite.
5.2. You may not resell your tickets at more than face value. Any attempt to do so will result in tickets being invalidated without warning, refund or
5.3.  If you do resell your tickets, you must inform us of the name(s) of the new attendee(s) immediately. This must be by way of email to
5.4. Refunds outside of Eventbrite’s refund policy will only be issued in the instance of an event cancellation or rescheduling.
5.5. By purchasing tickets for and/or attending any of our events you agree to be photographed and/or recorded by staff of Sphinx Quizzes Ltd or
   authorised third parties to be used for promotional materials on social media and on

By purchasing tickets for and/or attending boombox bingo you agree that that you understand the cost breakdown of your ticket.
6.2. Your gambling stake reflects the prizes on offer during the event. This covers your booklet(s) and pen, allowing you to play boombox bingo. 100% of all
   gambling stakes are used to form part of the event’s total prize fund and are all given away during the event.
6.3. The event ticket cost is for entertainment provided by your host and any other 3rd parties during the event.