Weekly Quiz? One Off Quiz? Boom Box Bingo? Something else?
We do all sorts of events alongside our regular quizzes. We'll happily create a bespoke event with you if nothing below suits your needs.

Weekly Quiz - you're the host

Our cheapest package available allows you to run your own epic quiz night around our existing Quiz Night format.
A table-based Paper Round kicks off the quiz, varying from anagrams to dingbats, famous faces or our 'say what you see' round! Into the main quiz, there's a general knowledge round and a 50:50 round before the Half Time Teaser tests your customers on something completely random before they recharge their glasses.
The second half begins with The Newsround. Our weekly round, written about current news and events. The Top Ten round asks guests to list 10 possible answers from a load of potential ideas before moving onto The Reset Round, where they'll pit their brains against their bravery, risking points in their quest for quiz glory.

Our quizzes operate in a four-weekly rotation, so even if the venue next door also runs a Sphinx Quiz event, they won't be asking the same questions. Prices start from just £2.50 per week, depending on how long many weeks you want your quiz to run for. We ship printed colour A4 quizzes anywhere on UK mainland, or you can save even more by receiving quizzes via email, then printing your own copies.
We need just 24hrs notice to get you set up, so don't delay, launch your first Sphinx Quiz event today!

Weekly Quiz - we're the host

Our classic quiz comes to your venue, along with a dedicated, enthusiastic Event Host to promote, manage and host your event every single week.
As above, there's The Paper Round, general knowledge, 50:50, half time teaser, The Newsround and the ever tricky Reset Round - however, when our Event Hosts are in charge of your event, they also ring our famous music intros round. Always a hit with customers and staff alike, this round replaces The Top 10 in the above format.
We'll allocate you an Event Host when we set your quiz up, and they'll stay attached to you for as long as you have a Sphinx Quiz there (unless they leave the business or ya know...die or something...) They'll be your dedicated contact for all things Sphinx, but you'll have direct links to Sphinx HQ too, if you have any issues to raise. Your Event Host will help you set the quiz up, agree a start time which allows you to maximise participation, they'll agree a format, the prizes and help you promote the event.
We're currently recruiting additional Event Hosts in order for us to continue expanding. There may be a brief wait until we can commence quizzing under this set up, but we're confident it won't be long. Drop us an email, tell us where you are and which day you want your event on, and we'll get wheels in motion to help you out.

Smartphone Quiz - fingers on buzzers!

The ultimate interactive Quiz Night for your venue. Sphinx Quizzes are delighted to have teamed up with SpeedQuizzing to bring interactive, fun, fast quizzing to venues across the North West. With a changeable format, we're able to tailor smartphone quizzes to your specification. There's the option to have buzzer rounds, teams can steal points from their opponents, there's extra points for the fastest team and we can even deduct points for wrong answers!
The fast, interactive nature of the event means it'll be an instant hit with your customers. Teams can choose a custom buzzer sound and each team plays via a smart phone device. We provide all of the software, the equipment to link all the phones up, all of the audio stuff too, plus you'll get the charasmatic and personal service you'd expect from a Sphinx Quizzes Event Host. We'll help promote your event and our team will ensure every Quiz Night at your venue is a great success!
Drop us an email to make an enquiry, or leave us a message on 0151 475 2111.

boombox bingo

Our singalong bingo game. Successful in every venue it's visited, highly rated by our customers and now ready to come to your venue.
Players match song clips we play to the ones on their Boom Box Bingo cards. If they match them all first, they win massive prizes! As the night goes on, the prizes get bigger, the drinks keep flowing and the songs get better and better. 
The fee to hire Boom Box Bingo is inclusive of 600 Boom Box Bingo cards, 360 fully licenced songs and clips, our Wheel Of Misfortune and two Event Hosts (one to press the buttons, one to host!). Plus, Boom Box Bingo is self funding. The jackpot is generated from card sales, so the only expense for you is the one off payment to book Boom Box Bingo.
These events prove very popular and we kindly ask you book well in advance. Contact us for further details, or visit our Special Events page to find our next Boom Box Bingo evening and come and see the event in action!